Rental Policies & Terms

Tailored for Paws and Hooves

Horse Stabling

Services Provided:

  • Dry Stall/Self Care Board with a stall and small paddock/individual turnout per horse.
  • Use of the facility for riding.
  • Utilities and manure management included.


  • Provide feed, hay, bedding, and labor (feeding, watering, stall cleaning, paddock picking, turning in/out, etc.) for horse(s).
  • Maintain the property and assets of the farm in the condition found upon arrival.
  • Responsible for repairs of damage (or reasonable monetary compensation) over normal wear and tear.

Payment and Agreement:

  • 30% deposit required at reservation.


  • Cancellations with varying refund rate


Payment and Agreement:

  • 30% deposit required at reservation.


  • 5 days or more in advance are fully refunded; within 5 days of the booking there is no refund

Pet Rules:

  • Well-behaved dogs allowed with prior notice.
  • Guests responsible for pet damage.
  • Dogs to be leashed due to unfenced yard and wildlife.
  • No cats allowed.

Pool & Property Access:

  • Pool open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • No dogs in the pool or pool yard.
  • No access to barns without an owner, except for horse boarding.
  • Fenced horse pastures off-limits.
  • Open fields and woods available for walking.
  • Keep all gates closed and latched except the driveway gate.

Waste & Cleaning:

  • Bag garbage before placing it in the outdoor receptacle.
  • No glass containers in the pool area.
  • Septic system, flush only toilet tissue.

We hope you have a wonderful stay, filled with cherished moments and the joy of horse companionship!